Estate division, marital agreements and gifts

Kaiding can advise you in preparing family–law documents for all stages in life. It is essential to receive advice from someone who is an expert in these areas in order to tailor solutions to your individual needs and help you secure the future. Kaiding offers extensive experience in these areas, and the financial aspects of family law make up a substantial part of our practice.

When a marriage ends in divorce, the marital estate is divided. In most cases, the same occurs when a domestic partnership is dissolved. We advise clients on the division of property after the dissolution of marriage or a domestic partnership. We accept engagements directly from clients or as administrators by appointment by the district court.

When you dispose of property in the form of a gift, or transfer ownership between you and your spouse, we can assist you with advice and the preparation of gift documents or a division of property while you are married in order to achieve the results you are after.                             

In order to ensure that your assets are handled in the manner you desire, we recommend that you create a future power of attorney adapted to your needs. With a future power of attorney, you have the possibility to appoint someone to act on your behalf as an administrator and, in certain cases, sell your property when you can no longer make your own decisions. The future power of attorney is an alternative to the appointment of a trustee or administrator for you. We will gladly assist you in the preparation of a future power of attorney.