About us

About Kaiding

Kaiding was founded in 1956 in Skellefteå. Today, we are the largest law firm in the Norrland area of Sweden with approximately 70 employees in eight locations in the counties of Jämtland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

We are a full–service firm with experience and expertise stretching over most central areas of law.                   

Kaiding is operated as a so–called “true partnership” or, as we prefer to refer to it, according to the Musketeers’ principle. This means that all revenues and expenses are divided equally amongst the partners. Accordingly, we share not only the profits but also client responsibility in order to assist the clients of the firm in the best manner possible.

Through the Musketeers’ principle, we ensure that each engagement is always handled by those who are best suited for that specific matter. By cooperating instead of competing, we can guarantee that a client’s interests always come first.                           

The Musketeers’ principle also means that we can commit substantial resources to continuing education and specialisation. A quickly changing world makes great demands in terms of the acquisition of new knowledge. This also benefits our clients.