Environmental law

Environmental law

Kaiding offers legal advice on matters involving environmental law. We represent both operators as well as stakeholders in these types of matters. Among other areas, our practice covers the following:

Permit applications

We represent clients throughout the entire process when seeking to obtain or applying for permits involving environmentally hazardous activities and water–related works and associated issues.

Issues relating to so-called sectoral legislation

We represent clients in matters relating to so–called sectoral legislation, e.g. on matters involving exploration permits and exploitation concessions in accordance with the Swedish Minerals Act (you can read more in the Mining and energy section) and on issues pertaining to building permits, etc., in accordance with the Swedish Planning and Building Act.

Supervisory issues relating to day-to-day issues

We represent clients on matters relating to day–to–day supervision of operations. We also provide counselling on issues concerning day–to–day operations. This work involves, for example, representing clients in their contacts with supervisory authorities and the evaluation of planned measures and changes in operations from an environmental perspective.

Acquisition-related environmental law

We provide a legal perspective when advising clients on matters involving the environmental risks in the acquisition of both companies and properties.

Rehabilitation of land and water areas 

We provide legal advice to clients regarding the winding–up of operations and after–treatment, responsibility for contaminants on properties, etc.


We represent clients in disputes in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code on issues involving, among other things, environmental damage, encroachment compensation, etc.

Environmental crimes

We accept engagements as defence counsel in cases involving environmental crimes, work environment crimes, environmental sanctions, etc.

Insolvency-related environmental law

We are experienced in assessing environmental law issues which arise when a business becomes insolvent.