Stock market and corporate matters

Kaiding acts both as legal advisor and project leader when assisting clients with their stock market introductions, capital acquisition, public M&A and other stock market transactions.        

In addition, Kaiding regularly provides legal advice to listed companies in matters involving stock exchange law, corporate governance (e.g. board composition issues and the administration of general meetings), insider issues and incentive programmes.

Kaiding offers cutting–edge company law expertise on issues involving shareholders, boards of directors and senior management. We regularly advise our clients on matters involving shareholder agreements, minority shareholder protections, corporate governance, setting up companies, internal rules and regulations, reorganisations and board responsibilities.                    

Our emphasis is on delivering exceptional quality in our legal advice, and each engagement is handled by a team which has been gathered with the specific expertise required. In this way, we can ensure that the right legal know–how is always at hand.