M&A and investments

Kaiding has extensive experience handling large and complicated transactions, restructurings of corporate groups, as well as smaller, more traditional corporate acquisitions in an efficient way. We also regularly assist clients in new issues of shares and other forms of capital acquisition, share redemptions, share repurchases and other changes to our clients’ capital structures.                             

Corporate M&A can involve complex processes which often involve several different legal areas. Accordingly, substantial demands are made of the legal advisor both in terms of specialist expertise and experience in negotiations and project management in the M&A process.

Kaiding regularly represents parties in various forms of M&A transactions and within widely different industries. We offer legal advice throughout the process – in structuring and financing, due diligence, in the preparation of agreements and during closing.

Based on the unique needs of each individual engagement, we arrange a team which possesses the specific expertise required by the engagement. In this way, we ensure that the legal know–how is always at hand.